Whole Genome Sequencing Test: the best lifetime investment you can make for your health and well-being

Begin a life-changing journey with the most insightful and comprehensive Personalized Genetic Reports on the market based on 100% of your DNA, Addition Reports to dive even deeper into your DNA, Full access to your Genomic data

Get your Genome Sequenced

Why Whole Genome Sequencing?

- Receive actionable insights from our Reports to take a proactive approach to your Health

- Learn your response to over 120 medications

- Receive advices on how to design a Personalised Diet and how to choose the best training based on your Whole Genome

- A resource for life. Dante Labs generates 10,000 times more data than genetic tests based on genotyping, seen as a powerful tool to start a life-long journey of discovery. You can learn more as science progresses

30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test

The most advanced Genetic Test on the market

  • Discover 100% of your DNA

    Empower yourself with the only DNA Test worldwide that analyzes 100% of your DNA. Other DNA Tests only give you limited information based on a fraction of your DNA

  • A New Approach to your Health

    Start making conscious health decisions. Take a proactive approach to your health with insights on your genetic predispositions, drug response and Well-being

  • Full Genomic Data

    Get access to your full genomic data, learn more as science progresses. Whole Genome Sequencing Test is the best lifetime investment: Sequence once, get actionable tools for life!

  • Accessing your Genome has never been so easy

    Access to the most powerful tools to explore your Full Genome. Examine any genes of interest, access the Reports you are interested in, download your genomic data

How it works

Getting your genome sequenced has never been so easy
Collect your sample

You will receive a easy-to-use saliva collection kit at home in 1-2 days (Express shipping).
Free international delivery

Register your kit

Create your personal account on our Genome Manager. Register your kit and then ship it back to us with the prepaid return shipping label inside our box

Discover your Genome

In 2 weeks or 8 weeks your results are ready and uploaded on your account!
Log-in and start discovering what your genome says about you

What is your interest in genetic tests?

I am affected by a Rare Disease or I am searching for a diagnosis
I am interested in receiving DNA-based Personalized Fitness and Diet
I want a Personalized Prevention Plan based on my Genetic Health Risk

About us

Our Sequencing Center, an innovation hub in the heart of Italy, allows us to sequence your entire DNA with unparalleled precision, thanks to the most advanced technology in both Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and in Lab Automation.

Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Dante Labs, it's also our core value

- We strictly perform all our activity within the EU and the US

- We are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

- Our Sequencing Center is located in the EU

- We built a Cloud Database Infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to guarantee you the highest level of security

- If you do not want us to keep your data (personal and genomic), we will delete your data. It is enough to request a personal data cancellation at any time


I am very happy with my genomic results from Dante Labs. It was the only service I could find that would give me access to the full raw data. The best lifetime investment I could have made. 

You are offering awesome at a very, very competitive price point.

This is the future of medicine. But, as always, responsibility for our health starts with curiosity, knowledge, and information.

Happy with the turnaround time for the first kit. Amazed by the attention of your customer care service once she had issues with the second kit

Having seen how useful your reports are and having been identified as having long QT Syndrome, I have ordered 3 more test kits for family members.