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The Medical Futurist

Dr. Bertalan Mesko, geek doctor with PhD in genomics, purchased our Whole Genome Sequencing Test. Here his thoughts

EatMoveRest (Erin & Dusty)

Dusty & Erin Stanczyk combined their formal education in Communication Studies and Biology, coupled with their passion for health & wellness, to create their health & lifestyle Youtube Channel. They decided to trust Dante Labs as their main Genetic Testing Company

Nicola Palmieri

Nicola Palmieri is an Italian Youtuber passionate about genomics. He sequenced his Whole Genome and had a talk with our Genetic Counsellor to discuss his results

Marcello Ascani

Marcello Ascani is one of the main Youtubers on the current Italian scene. He sequenced his genome and these are his impressions

Rocha Holmes

Doug da Rocha Holmes is an international Professional Genealogist and a Genetic counsellor