NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System: we use the best sequencing platform at its full power

Thanks to our workflows and pipelines we achieve superior performance, setting new global standards

Superior Q30 Quality Score

The Q30 Score measures quality standards for sequencing technology. We constantly achieve 90% Q30 vs. an average industry standard of 75%

Source: New York University

Higher Sequencing Yield for a Deeper Analysis of your DNA

The sequencing yield shows a lab's ability to effectively read DNA. When it comes to Gigabases (Gb) per run, average industry standard is 2400-3000 Gb. We achieve higher performance with an average of 3900-4010 Gb 

Source: Research Gate

First rate performance not only on quality, but also on efficiency. And we deliver the savings back to customers, offering highly competitive prices

Efficiency in genomics is measured by the Passing Filter ratio (%). We recorded  an average of PF equal to 83% on each run performed, way above standard laboratory practice

Source: Research Gate

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