COVID-19 Sequencing Surveillance Program

Dante Labs provides accurate sequencing, contributing to rapidly scaling genomic surveillance worldwide

The Leading International Provider of Genomics and COVID-19 Diagnostic Services

Dante Labs has already analysed two million and a half COVID-19 RT-PCR tests and sequenced more than 30,000 human whole genomes thanks to its Immensa™ Genome Platform

Immensa™ Genome Platform to support COVID-19 testing at scale

Dante Labs built Immensa™ as a smart software platform that uses machine learning to advance the interpretation of the human genome with every analysis. The same approach proved successful in the fight against COVID-19 to provide more precise answers at scale.

£30M investments in the UK

Dante Labs marks another milestone in the fight against COVID-19 with £30M investments in the United Kingdom to run a global surveillance programme of the new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, starting with a hardware and analytical capacity of 50,000 RNA samples per week

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